Information on Bus Travel in Uruguay

Tres Cruces - Bus terminal in Montevideo

All long-distance bus services from and to Montevideo are handled at the Tres Cruces terminal. It is situated on Avenida Bulevar Artigas at number 1825, a few blocks from the crossing with Avenida 18 de Julio. When travelling light you may consider the 30-minute walk to the center along Avenida 18 de Julio, but in general it is recommendable to take a taxi.

The terminal is integrated in a comercial shopping mall, and occupies the ground floor of the three-story building. The mall is a busy place with lots of small shops, a Tata supermarket (good place to buy drinks and snacks for your trip), a fast-food restaurant and you will also find an internet cafe and ATM machines.

In case you have not yet decided on the bus company you can walk along the various ticket offices where the available destinations are advertized, and since there is normally more than one company serving the same destination, you may shop around for the best price.

Close to the departure area there is a large board indicating actual departure times and platforms. It is also always a good idea to ask around and make sure you are waiting at the right platform. Finally your ticket is checked by the staff and they will load your baggage into the storage room under the bus - of course you can take some hand baggage with you on the bus.

The terminal Tres Cruces handles all long-distance travel within Uruguay and also international destinations. For bus services to destinations less then 60km away you should head for the terminal Rio Branco, also called Baltasar Brum terminal, situated on the street Río Branco at number 1685.